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At Homestead Realty, we believe you shouldn’t have to share 20-50% of your hard-earned commission with your broker. We also know that agent support is important and can create a leading edge in the real estate industry. Our model combines and capitalizes on agent profitability + support.

  • The agents of Homestead Realty represent a unique group of real estate professionals across the state of Wisconsin who have recognized that their clients choose them, not their brokerage. They keep more commissions in their pocket with each transaction and pour it into their businesses as they see fit. At the same time, those agents receive the support & training they need to provide the service their customers deserve.
  • Homestead Realty is a 100% commission brokerage. We charge a small transaction fee at each agent’s closing. While we don’t think of commissions in terms of splits, our agents typically keep between 93-96% of their commissions. Our monthly desk fees are only $68 and include E&O insurance, broker support, and access to all of our technology tools.
  • Ask yourself… what is your broker doing for you that you can’t do for your own business?
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